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msd consulting offers consultancy service to public and private development organisations and private companies. Moreover, it has launched a thorough publication programme on market approaches to development (see: ). Urs Heierli is lecturer for development co-operation at the University of St. Gallen.

msd consulting implements and facilitates market based development projects in the areas of

  • Supply chain development: how to involve the private sector for a more effective and efficient aid delivery in general and in specific areas such as malnutrition, safe water, sanitation, mosquito nets, innovative lighting systems etc.
  • Value chain development: how to link small farmers to high-value crop value chains and to co-operate with the private sector in public-private partnerships.
  • Transforming traditional industrial sectors: traditional economic sectors such as the brick, the carpet or the silk industry employ many million workers. How can these industries be gradually modernised, transformed into modern industries and linked to high-value markets.
  • Business and development: all questions related to public-private partnership, mainstreaming of fair trade, corporate social responsibility are topics of interest for many years.

Urs Heierli is long-term consultant for Antenna Technologies in Geneva ( ) and for IDE (International Development Enterprises) with head office in Denver Colorado. (

Examples of consultancy work of msd will be presented  here soon.


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